Daniel's personal website

I work as a software engineering manager at Devex in Barcelona, Spain.

Here are some profiles of mine around the web:

This website is where I collect miscellaneous content related to my work, for example tech talks & blog posts I created over the years for random occasions.

Tech talks

  • Nursing grown-up Ruby Applications

    Barcelona on Rails Meetup (20 Oct 2016)
    I showcase two techniques to maintain your (Ruby) application in the long run: a technical back-log (to keep things in order) and static code analysis (what are code metrics and why are they useful) (Slides)
  • Monolith vs. SOA - Some Middle Ground

    Barcelona on Rails Meetup (16 Jul 2015)
    In this talk I describe the application architecture at Devex, based on a refactoring example I show how we try to make the best of a situation dominated by technical constraints. A situation that I find to be quite common to many advanced software projects. (Slides)

About me

I starting out in the software industry in the early 2000s. Since then I worked on a decent amount of software projects, performing a variety of tasks, using all kinds of different tools and technologies.

In 2010 I obtained a Master's Degree in Applied Computer Science from the Hochschule Hannover, Germany. As part of a double diploma program I also graduated with a Diploma in Software Engineering from the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid, Spain. If you're interested you'll find more details on my LinkedIn profile.

Since 2013 I work for Devex, a media & data platform for the international development community. I helped transform the engineering department and its processes towards a more agile workflow and application lifecycle management.