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My name is Daniel Sager, and I am the Technical Director at Devex in Barcelona, Spain.

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About me

Originally from Germany, I now live in Barcelona with my wife and two young daughters. I have over 25 years of experience in software development, engineering management, and leadership. My professional journey began with vocational training in software application development and has led me through various roles in multiple organizations.

At Devex, I've progressed from a Senior Software Engineer to my current position as Technical Director. Devex is a media platform that connects and informs the global development community, providing critical insights and data-driven intelligence to professionals in this sector. My responsibilities span designing and architecting complex software systems, leading and growing engineering teams, and driving technical strategies. I've also been heavily involved in R&D work, particularly in leveraging predictive AI models in our products and data processing.

Before Devex, I worked at Sector Nord AG, where I led the development of SNAG-View and introduced agile and continuous integration processes. SNAG-View is a system monitoring solution based on open-source projects like Nagios, OTRS, and NeDi, designed to provide comprehensive oversight and support for IT infrastructure. At the time, it was the leading solution in the German-speaking market, with clients like Siemens, several regional banks, or the public transport system of Hannover. My work involved full-stack development and client-facing support to ensure seamless implementations and operations.

I also spent some time as a freelance software developer, working on various projects ranging from simple websites to online games. My technical expertise includes various programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Golang, C, Java, or JavaScript. I am deeply familiar with relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres) and NoSQL databases (Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB). Additionally, I have extensive experience with cloud technologies such as AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes, as well as web servers like Nginx and Apache. I've worked with a multitude of tools and systems that support the development and deployment of software systems.

In addition to my technical expertise, I have extensive management experience. Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in the hiring process, conducting interviews, and selecting top talent to build and grow high-performing teams. I am dedicated to coaching and supporting individuals to help them reach their full potential, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. My role also involves aligning technical strategy with the organization's overall goals, ensuring that our engineering efforts drive business success. This holistic approach has enabled me to effectively lead teams, manage projects, and contribute to the strategic direction of the companies I've worked with.

I hold advanced degrees in computer science, specializing in secure IT systems and artificial intelligence, having studied at institutions like Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid and Hochschule Hannover. In addition to my technical skills, I'm fluent in Spanish, English, and German, which helps me to work effectively in diverse teams and environments.